Thursday, May 17

Words with Seniors - Orphanage

Throughout our time in Honduras, I had the opportunity to go to the orphanage on several occasions. Every time I went, I was shocked by the children's overwhelming need of love. As soon as we walked through the door, they run to us with their arms opened wide - jumping all over us and begging us to pick them up. With their big puppy dog eyes staring up at me, it was very hard to pick which one to hold first! Playing with the kids, even feeding and bathing them, was an experience that I wouldn't trade for anything.

- Samantha Mattson

Words from Seniors - Week of Prayer

Week of Prayer was a real success. I believe the Lord blessed in ways that we may not even realize. Preaching with a translator was definitely interesting. The one plus side of it was that, during the time when the translator was doing his thing, I had more time to think about what to say next. In the culture of Honduras, the people are very loud. It was pretty hard sometimes to keep the students quiet and attentive. Each worship thought shared by my dear classmates was enriched by the grace of God. Each one was a blessing, not only to those we shared with, but to each of us who shared (Kalyse R., Brittany L., Anna W. and myself). My talk was the very last one of the Week of Prayer, which meant that I had the privilege of of making the final appeal for the students to accept Jesus as their Savior and Friend. It was such a joy to see them come forward. Throughout the week, we (myself and the others that shared) began to wonder if any of the students were paying attention; if anyone even cared about what we were trying to share. The tear-stained faces of Honduran youth, whose hearts had been touched by the Holy Spirit, let us know that our work had not been in vain in the Lord. Even if only one life was impacted for the Kingdom, we know that our whole trip was worth it.

- Eddy Darisme

Words from Seniors - Music Camp at the Orphanage

"Thumbs up, thumbs up, elbows out, elbows out, feet apart, feet apart...

       The sound of children singing slowly wafts out an old church door. Peeking in, you discover 15-20 smiling kids, singing at the top of their lungs. An hour later, you'll find them attempting new instruments - making all sorts of interesting sounds on flutes, violas, cellos, and violins. Then you might see them pull out their brightly colored plastic chairs, head outside, arrange themselves in a circle and run around as Randy strums his guitar... It's their own version of musical chairs. Some of them don't ever get up, while others are too big to fit in the chairs, yet all of them laugh as if they don't have a care in the world. However, learning new songs, or a few notes on an instrument, isn't the most important part of the music camp; the Bible stories shared, kind words said, the attention given and the love imparted is what we really hope will stick in these kids' minds - an example of who Christ is and how much He really loves them.

 - Amaris Benardo

Thursday, April 19

Short Apology...

Honduras got quite busy throughout our last week there, so I didn't do much posting at all, and I am quite sorry to all you parents/family/friends! I am still working on editing pictures (I have about 1200 to sort through and then edit!) but if you give me a bit of time, I will post more pictures! Many apologies for the wait, and much thanks for your patience!

I can't believe that we have been back for 9 days already. I still get "homesick" for Honduras often. I will carry those kids in my heart forever, as well as the many lessons I learned during our time in Honduras.

Thank you for your support! And guess what Fountainview Class of 2012... 9 weeks until Convention weekend kicks off! That means only 8 weeks 6 days until our last day of school! :D WOO HOO!!
2 months, 4 days, 16 hours and 42 minutes from now, Commencement ceremony will be over, and we will be eating lunch as Fountainview Academy Alumni!